Sometimes it’s the toughest brothers around have the softest hearts. Many people often believe that toughness is synonymous with being cold-hearted. In order for you to have thick skin, you have to be cold blooded…or so they say. Yet, some of the toughest, and hardest brothers I ever met where some of the most compassionate and giving guys in the world. Doesn’t matter what they were doing, whether it was right or wrong, it was usually the guys that would fight the hardest and most were some of the most giving cats you could ever roll with. Yeah, they may be crazy…well in fact they were plenty crazy, but they just may give you the shirt off of their back and go to battle for you. You can have an exterior made of steel, but it doesn’t mean you heart has to be emotionless or without care. You need that balance to lead, create and supersede even your highest expectations.

Let me be honest with you, when I met a king named Jay this brother was chilling and having a great time kicking it in downtown ATL. What I didn’t know was, that this DJ who plays different genres from house music to hip hop, was also an career technology guy such as myself. Coming from the Midwest city of Cincinnati, Oh and attending Miami University of Ohio, he brings that Midwest combination of street, bay side cool and intellect from the bat. If you ever want to get the hardest pound in your life, meet this brother. I can literally tell you that he’s broken at least 3 of my vertebrae with that hard dap, but it all comes from love. Yet, getting to hang with him in Playa del Carmen, I got to see how solid and wild he was. Despite having a career in technology and IT, what he’s most known for is putting together the ATL house scene’s premier day party, spinning the hotness every month off of Edgewood. Got to be one of the most hospital event promoters around, going around the room and greeting everyone who comes in and speaking to the crowd. If you need something, he might just be around to help you out, carry something, lift something, or shoot you some encouragement. He’s a big personality, and he may suffocate you with love. Yet, going out and putting your own event on, on your own dime and bringing in DJ’s from across the country into ATL to play at your event isn’t easy, but he manages to do it every month.

What’s most memorable about DJ 1derful is that he never changes. He’s the same guy all of the time. Consistency might as well be his middle name. No matter how much his event has grown, how much more known he’s become, or what opportunities fall into his path, he’s still the same Cinci brother out of Ohio who loves to get down and play some good music. He’s still the same dude who will put a whole in your back when he daps you up, or squeeze the love out of a woman who he gives a hug to. Good, bad or indifferent, you know exactly what you will get when you meet 1derful. A brother who’s down for the cause, willing to do what’s needed to build a movement, or just a good brother you can share a beer or ginger ale with. As much as he has on his plate, he remains unscathed in how he goes about things. He doesn’t take much from anybody, and he can probably out loud-talk you in an argument about football or best house producer on the planet. Yet, he’s just a big guy with a big heart, who wants to see nothing more than people enjoy life and release stress from the scene and atmosphere he creates.

For a king, the cross he bears from the crown he wears is always far greater than the glory that can be bestowed upon him, but we are grateful he chooses to bear the cross that comes with the crown.

  • Credit to the Author James A. Bing Jr.